The Euphoria star's emotional "thank you" gifs came in at number one on this year's list. Click inside to see what else made the list!

Black folks have a legacy of being great when it comes to sports and entertainment. But for some reason, we never hear much about African Americans contributions when it comes to inventions that changed the world. But all that is changing: 3-D Glasses Kenneth J. Dunkley is known for inventing Three Dimensional Viewing Glasses (3-DVG) […]

The 2010s wouldn't be the same without these classic and hilarious moving images.

Today is Snoop Dogg‘s favorite day of the year. No, not 4/20, it’s his birthday. The legendary rapper is celebrating his 48th birthday and we can’t believe he’s been in the game for over two decades. Snoop managed to expand his brand from a gang-affiliated California rapper, to America’s favorite uncle. His marijuana advocacy hasn’t […]

Finally! Season Two of Dear White People is headed to Netflix with a whole new set of important topics to discuss with our caucasian peers. That got us thinking — if we could ask White people anything, what would it be? Here’s what we came up with. Ya’ll were probably thinking the same things anyway. If […]

Earlier this week, actress Cynthia Nixon‘s announcement that she’d be running for Governor of New York was met with many mixed reviews. Despite how you feel about the star’s candidacy, true Sex and the City fans know that Nixon’s character Miranda was was always giving us clues that she’d run New York in some way, […]

Lil Yachty‘s new mixtape Lil Boat 2 leaked on Thursday night, and the self proclaimed King Of The Youth did what most youth do when something bad happens to them — vent about it on social media. But being the humorous kid that he is, Yachty didn’t just complain about the album leak; he turned […]

Tiffany Haddish is such a ball of positive energy that anyone who comes for her is either a hater or hurting — or both.   Just like most folks in Hollywood, we’re smitten with Tiff’s authenticity and ability to light up any room she enters: via GIPHY Her honesty is another attribute that makes folks […]

These Gifs were literally everywhere this year.