Cardi B is covering the funeral costs for the victims of the high-rise fire that killed 17 people in her native borough of the Bronx earlier this month. Let's take a moment to commend another generous act from a Bronx hometown hero. Read more about why the rapper decided to give so graciously. 

Considering our current administration, anything Barack Obama does at this point seems like an angelic gift. Last week, the former POTUS visited the Boys & Girls Club in Washington D.C. and the footage was filled with Christmas cheer. Check out some highlights The Obama Foundation released below.   Here’s some more footage in case that […]

Another touching story went viral this past weekend just in time for the holidays. It all started when Shawna Cantiliano of Antioch High School saw a message on a whiteboard from one of her classmates. It asked that whoever stole the classmate’s Nintendo 3DS to return it. The game console was a gift from the […]

With the holiday season quickly approaching, it's even more common to see people doing good for others. But Carol Suchman took her kindness to another level this year.