Show some respect and don’t blow her high like this young man.

It’s Monday morning, and sometimes, we need to encourage ourselves to make it through the week. Dancing may not be your thing, but when you see one older lady’s dance moves, it’ll probably force you to get up and move too. Whenever you need an energy boost, refer to this video for guidance.

Cruel and unusual jokes are fun for social media but when it involves pranking your grandparents, cruel is an understatement. What lengths would you go to go viral? This kid almost dislocated his Granny’s hip after he put her treadmill in overdrive.   I know he got that butt whooped after this!

It’s Monday. It’s the last week of the month — Black History Month to be exact. Why not let this dancing Abuelita set the tone for your energy stepping into the new week? Watch the whole thing. You won’t be disappointed.   Grandma goals, for real.

We hope you plan to step into the weekend with the same zest for life as this 80-something woman going hard in Zumba class. Happy Friday!  

Who says you lose your skills when you get older? This athletic grandma is holding it down for the older generation by showing the world she’s still got it! If you thought she would lose her soccer skills at 67, you thought wrong. Check out the video below to see this young lady get down! […]

If you have wheels to cruise on this weekend, it’s nothing like having a tank full of gas and an infinite possibility of destinations. You have to keep your car looking right for that Saturday drive — or else, elderly women like the one below might one up you. Check it out: