It’s almost Friday and we’re feeling the Gwara Gwara vibes today thanks to this young queen: If you’re not familiar with the Gwara Gwara dance of South Africa, maybe Rihanna can refresh your memory:   Get into it.  

If you left a screening of Black Panther too hype to contain yourself, you might want to get in on a dance challenge that’s sending waves throughout social media. The #BlackPantherChallenge — not to be confused with the #BlackPantherChallenge that’s fundraising for kids to see the movie — started gaining hype when actress Kendra “K.O” Oyesanya posted a […]

Folks are still recovering from the excitement of the Grammys this past weekend and one performance stands out for its funky dance moves. DJ Khaled, Bryson Tiller and Rihanna aced their performance of “Wild Thoughts,” and at one point, Rihanna did a move that some mistakingly thought was the Stanky Legg. Eventually, the Internet chimed […]