hate crimes in heartland

Hate Crimes in the Heartland is a crucial film for today. This is not only about black history: From city streets and dark jail cells to the bright lights of the gigantic crime-media business, Hate Crimes in the Heartland exposes the impact of race in America’s racialized media and culture – we have an opportunity to alter the message […]

In 2012, two filmmakers set out to unearth America’s hidden holocaust against its own people — The 1921 Tulsa Race Riots. A large-scale, racially-motivated attack on a wealthy African-American area of Tulsa, the riot left 10,000 blacks homeless, 35 city blocks composed of 1,256 residences destroyed, and a community with emotional scars that have scabbed, not healed, […]

Every day the news is saturated with crimes painted to look like self-defense, justifiable, accidental and necessary by those who have participated and committed the offenses. Could it be that these crimes and murders aren’t happenstance? Could it be that they are racially motivated hate crimes? Quite possible. In fact, a film focused on putting […]

Few know that Jim Crow America saw a wealthy black community in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Few know that there was a place called “Black Wall Street.“ And very few textbooks detail the destruction of that black community in 1921 — not at the hands of the members of the community as media would later report, but […]