For the eighth and final episode of Insecure season 3, it’s all about the ghosts of exes past. All of the ladies are being revisited by their ex-boyfriends and coming to a realization that maybe they made some bad life decisions since then. Issa and Lawrence have some super cute bonding moments but all of […]

Episode six of Insecure was a lot — and that’s summing it up as easily as possible. The episode started off promising. Issa and Nathan seem to be hitting it off nicely. He’s supporting her dreams and they seem to be very close to falling in love. Lawrence is back (Lawrence Hive can breathe again) […]

Who knew that so much could happen in one little 30-minute episode of Insecure? Who knew that an episode, that wasn’t a season finale, could have you go through a million emotions all at once, only to leave you completely in awe with your jaw hitting the floor. If you tuned into episode 5 of […]

This week’s episode was titled “Fresh-Like” and that’s literally all it was about. From a fresh new man and a fresh new apartment to a fresh new job, everything in Issa’s life is becoming real “fresh-like.” This episode’s soundtrack was pretty fresh too. To welcome the reintroduction of Issa’s party bus passenger, Nathan, and the […]

Episode 3 had the slow jams on deck. Check out your weekly 'Insecure' playlist!

Once again Insecure has delivered! Episode 2 of Season 3 was an amazing look at Daniel and Issa’s relationship. You saw firsthand Daniel’s insecurities and for once, saw how Issa was there to help him for a change. It was an amazing turn of events for anyone who has been watching the show over the […]

That other interview got it all wrong, 'Insecure' season 3 isn't about masculinity at all.

HBO celebrated the premiere of its new comedy series Insecure starring Issa Rae in Brooklyn, New York, this past weekend.