The NFL has been catching a lot of heat this season for either protesting the National Anthem (and Trump) or for being to fearful to stand up against injustice. But Sherman E. Burroughs High School’s football team in California didn’t follow in the footsteps of the professional athletes who bravely protested discrimination by taking a […]

Another day, another viral video of White youth spewing racist slurs. This time, a group of Utah teenagers from Weber High School were on camera chanting, “f*ck n*ggers” repeatedly. The ten second video was uploaded to Instagram on Monday and now the Weber School District says they’re investigating the origin and reasoning for the video. […]

Carlos Bell, a former Maryland instructional assistant and coach, was accused of sexually assaulting at least 24 students between May 2015 and June 2017. He is now hit with a 119-count indictment, according to WJLA.  Bell’s charges include 12 counts of child sexual abuse. He is also HIV-positive and was hit with three counts of […]

Despite all the crazy drama that goes on with them every week, the cast of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta managed to get it together long enough to bless some kids. TMZ reports that Karlie Redd, Rasheeda, Mimi Faust, and Sierra Gates surprised students at Columbia High School in Atlanta with ten scholarships. Sources say Karlie […]

Last April, Amy Joyner-Francis was beaten to death after being jumped by a group of girls at her Wilmington high school.

17-year-old Paula Goodgame‘s memories of her junior prom will be full of sadness and rejection after the school banned her from bringing her girlfriend as her date to prom. On Wednesday, Goodgame took Twitter to open up about the incident, that has since gone viral, sharing the disappointing news that her school wouldn’t allow her to […]

In another tale of a group of White people having no tact, a prom proposal was layered with racism thanks to a group of teens posing with a sign that has sparked outrage. The teenagers, who allegedly attend Monarch High School in Florida, posed for a photo where the two White girls stand with a Black girl […]

One Miami woman took the term “overprotective mother” to a whole new level. Ernstlatta LaFrance is facing various charges for retaliating against a teen girl who fought her daughter. Everything started when LaFrance’s daughter got into a scuffle with a group of girls at a county fair. Following the incident, 30-year-old LaFrance, her daughter, and […]

North Cobb County High School is currently under investigation after racist comments allegedly made by a student went viral on social media. A spokesperson for the school said the racially-charged social media post was brought to the attention of officials at the school. Police confirmed the person involved was a student but wouldn’t comment on […]

Fifteen-year-old Micah Speed and his mother are not happy that a video of the teen being attacked has gone viral. The video posted on Instagram appears to show an altercation between Speed and another student at Wake Forest High School on Friday. You can see one student pulling down another student from behind multiple times […]

A group of Missouri high school students, mostly rocking cowboy hats, turned their backs and displayed a Donald Trump sign as the starting roster for a mostly Black basketball team was announced.

The president of the Mississippi chapter of the NAACP is calling for a federal hate crime investigation into an incident in which he claims a noose was placed around the neck of a Black high school football player.