A priest from the Philippines has been suspended after he was seen riding a hoverboard during a mass.

Mike Tyson's latest knock-out doesn't come from another boxer, but from riding a hoverboard.

Nearly two weeks after the NYPD declared hoverboards illegal, the first hoverboard related death has occurred.

Segways, aka hoverboards, are slowly but surely replacing the OG way of transportation: walking. Just when he couldn’t get enough of technology’s latest tech toy, here comes David Moore, a choreographer who has worked with numerous big name artists such as Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake, and Pharrell. Moore, along with his dancers, curated a pretty sweet dance routine […]

Wiz Khalifa was arrested Saturday afternoon shortly after arriving at the Los Angeles airport for refusing to hop off his hoverboard. In the surveillance footage above, the Pittsburgh rapper is seen arguing with the police prior to being slammed to the ground, where they urged him several times to “stop resisting.”  The father of one was just […]