In his first interview since going to prison in October, former Penn State assistant football coach and convicted sex offender, Jerry Sandusky, denied allegations from a key witness and also spoke about legendary coach Joe Paterno’s knowledge of his sexual abuse. VIDEO: It Was That Bad! Jerry Sandusky Sex Abuse Victim Breaks Silence Over Penn State […]

Creepy voicemails allegedly left by convicted paedophile Jerry Sandusky have just been released by an attorney who represents one of his victims. STORY: Penn State Releases Report On Jerry Sandusky  According to TMZ: Lawyers for the alleged victim released the voicemails today and announced plans to sue Penn State University for failing to stop Sandusky’s abuse. The […]

The statue of Joe Paterno that has caused a long debate amongst the Penn State community has been removed. The legacy tribute to Paterno was taken down with a forklift, while students watched chanting “We are Penn State.” DETAILS: Tear It Down! Penn State To Remove Joe Paterno Statue According to TMZ, the statue won’t be […]

Penn State’s Joe Paterno statue at Beaver Stadium will be taken down this weekend, school officials reported it today. EXCLUSIVE: Tear Joe Pa’s Statue Down Like Saddam Hussein The statue portraying Paterno leading players out of the tunnel will be taken down in the aftermath of the Jerry Sandusky scandal and the report conducted by former FBI […]

The Penn State Board of Trustees will not order the removal of Joe Paterno’s statue, at least not in the immediate future and maybe not ever. STORY: Say What?! Joe Paterno Asked For More Money As The Scandal Went Down The trustees do not want to give in to the overwhelming media pressure to have […]

News broke yesterday that former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno was negotiating a contract all while the Jerry Sandusky trial was in process and apparently, Penn State officials are honoring his contract. BLOG: Leave Joe Paterno’s Statue Up! Karen Peetz, chair of Penn State’s board of trustees said of the issue: “Contracts are contracts.” The […]

The trial of Jerry Sandusky has left a lot of mystery as to how much Joe Paterno knew and how involved he could have been. It turns out that while the trial was being played out, Joe was still negotiating deals for his position as head football coach for Penn State. BLOG: Tear Joe Pa’s Statue […]

Joe Paterno was a great football coach, there is no doubt. There is also no doubt that his legacy is forever tarnished. By now, everyone has heard about the child molestation scandal that has hit Penn State. Former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky is facing up to 442 years in prison for what he did. But what […]

The seven foot bronze Joe Paterno statute that currently resides outside Beaver Stadium on Penn State University’s campus should be torn down immediately. Yesterday, a detailed report by former FBI Director Louis Freeh was released to the public, which outlined how former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky was allowed carte blanche on Penn State’s campus to […]

There has been a lot of controversy being brought to Penn State ever since Jerry Sandusky was found guilty of child abuse earlier this month. The University has had to deal with a lot of consequences for his actions, and now it looks like there is more fuel being added to the flame. DETAILS: Sandusky Who?! […]

Thousands gathered on the Penn State campus to pay their final respects to longtime football coach Joe Paterno. STORY: Joe Paterno Dies At Age 85 Students, faculty, coaches and former players all honored Joe Pa, the 85-year-old legendary coach who died on Sunday after a battle with lung cancer. The Hall of Fame coach was […]

Leave it up to Westboro Baptist Church to picket the funeral of former Penn State Coach Joe Paterno. STORY: Joe Paterno Dies At Age 85 Margie Phelps, one the main voices of the Kansas based church, announced on Twitter that the church would be picketing the funeral of 85-year-old Paterno, who died on Sunday from […]