It was announced today (April 4) that the Grammy award winner would be the latest actor to join the cast of the upcoming John Woo film, "Silent Night."

Have you ever thought of what it would be like to see some of your favorite movie characters in different clothes? Let’s be honest, we don’t even like how our own clothes look or smell after a full day’s work. Now imagine fighting crime (or causing havoc) all day in the same outfit, only to […]

Mr. Burt is an illustrator living and working in the UK. Last week the talented draftsman, teaming up with High Snobiety, released an ill illustration of Kanye West‘s daring Celine shirt at Coachella. The shirt is of interest because it was originally designed for women and bloggers everywhere were bugging out because a rapper chose […]


Back in January, Rihanna tweeted, then almost immediately deleted, a bit of info that sparked a sensation of curiosity in the media for months. The tweet? “Just wrapped my first American Vogue cover shoot with Annie Leibovitz… Rah! #SEXY.” Rihanna And Ciara Engage In A Twitter War Of Words! (PHOTOS) Well, the cat isn’t just […]

It’s that time again where we show you our Favorite Celeb Twit Pics of the day! Our favorite celebrity tweeters never fail to keep us in the loop of their whereabouts, and just in cased you missed it, we’ve got you covered on their latest. Today we have a picture brought to us by Kris […]

Its time for the most amazing twitpics of the day! Jay-Z and Eminem had a concert in New York on Tuesday and Wednesday night of this week and the celebrities were out and about showing support. And for those of us who couldn’t make the concert for whatever reason, we’ve got twitpics so you don’t […]

As we all probably know by now, Tiny & T.I. were arrested last night in Los Angeles for possession of a controlled substance. TMZ is reporting, based on a photo of the inside of the Maybach: ‘Take a close look at the photo of T.I. getting arrested … and focus on the styrofoam cups in […]

Chris Brown Twitter Grind Up is a complete break down and analysis of Chris Brown‘s twitter page. For months we have followed Chris Brown’s Twitter, some might even say we have stalked him twitter page, and after our evaluation we give Chris 9 of 10 Grinds. Global Grind’s Twitterscope: Chris Brown’s Twitter page is very […]

Chris Brown was in California after rocking the after party for his new movie Takers. Chris who recently announced that he will be putting out an album soon, showed us he’s just got finished being a kid by rocking a iced out Kirby. Sure it’s nothing new rappers rock cartoons and toys medallions on their […]

Lindsay Lohan will find it hard to be clean in jail as she serves her 90 day sentence. Only 45 showers for the Hollywood starlet, that might keep the other inmates away, that and the fact that she will basically be in solidarity confinement staying in a jail cell all but 1 hour. Ouch! For […]

Drake appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, and the result was this hilarious sketch. Drake and Jimmy’s new track “Tweet, Tweet”, involves Drake making fun of himself and simultaneously mocking celebrity tweets with Jimmy Kimmel. Between Drake’s white du-rag (is this 2001?) and Jimmy’s “flow” this video is definitely worth more than one watch. […]


The hip-hop industry is based on loyalty. Without loyalty an artist’s entourage-the people they’re seen kicking it with 24/7 wouldn’t exist. When a rapper makes it big they usually cling to their fellow famous friends for comfort and comradery. There’s nothing I love more than famous BFF’s, artists who work together and play together! Throughout […]