Anouk Hoogendijk is one hot soccer player. This Dutch midfielder is just one of the sexy women who are playing in the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup. The World Cup started on June 26th and now we’re down to only 4 teams. There are 4 groups of 4 countries each playing in 9 host cities […]

The news is buzzing with updates about Lindsay Lohan’s jail time. Although many people seem fascinated with Lindsay’s legal woes (only celebrity court cases that will get viewers are actually taped. Eg. OJ Simpson), it just makes me sad. I was truly a Disney-kid. I cried when I couldn’t dress up as Princess Jasmine for […]


Happy Mother’s Day. I’ve said that to you every year since you taught me how to speak. This Mother’s Day is the first time I think I’m mature enough to know what’s behind those words. That might sound funny, as though I’ve been giving you my wishes on schedule and by rote, but that’s not […]


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