Nelly has so many hits that it must be hard to choose which one he’ll perform at any given time. On Saturday, the platinum selling rapper took his talents to Karlie Kloss‘ birthday party in The Hamptons, and who better to duet with the star than Karlie’s BFF, Taylor Swift. The pair enjoyed a fun and […]

H&M x Balmain has yet to hit stores, but the hype keeps getting bigger and bigger. Especially after last night.

We’re sure you’ve heard of these two: adorable best friends,  Taylor Swift & Karlie Kloss. The two superstars have taken #friendshipgoals to an entirely different level after landing the cover of Vogue magazine’s March 2015 issue. Taylor and Karlie show off their free spirits in Polaroid photos and high fashion threads – and all while looking amazing, of course. They also […]

The annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is upon us, which means it’s time to make those gym resolutions that probably won’t come true. There will be long legs, toned abs, flowing hair, flawless makeup, and of course, lingerie that costs an obscene amount of money. The television event is known to bring out some of the fashion […]

It looks like fashion publicist Kelly Cutrone may have been onto something when she said “the world will always need supermodels.” Generally speaking, September magazine issues are always the most anticipated in the fashion world. And as you would expect, Vogue, which is typically the most anticipated, is also typically the last one to come out. […]