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Here at Global Grind, we love looking into the past of some of our favorite celebrites. We gave you your favoite Pop Stars before they were famous, and your favorite rappers before they blew up. Now GG want to take in for a blast from the past. Here are your favorite leading ladies and gents […]


The chain of events that led to the police shooting of a sleeping 7-year-old may have begun with an argument over dirty looks in an east-side liquor store parking lot. Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy authorized a murder warrant Wednesday against the man police were seeking when they killed Aiyana Stanley Jones while raiding her […]


Have you ever wondered if you take your favorite music artist and made them into cartoons what would they look like?   Well, I compiled a sample of cartoon drawings of some of our favorite MC’s and singers, from Jay to Diddy to Rihanna.  Take a look…loving these pics. 1. Jay Z [pagebreak] 2. P. Diddy […]

<p>2010 Grammy Awards – Beyonce Performance &nbsp;</p>