PAPER magazine announces Issa Rae's record label, Raedio, plans to release an original comedy album from iTunes' number one comedy podcast, "The Read." The label has plans to produce a newly-established record deal executively produced by Rae and Raedio.

If you tune into the brutally honest podcast “The Read” each week, you know Kid Fury is never shy of speaking his mind. The comedian and Beyoncé disciple stopped past Desus & Mero this week to talk about his current projects, and what it means to be one-half of a successful podcast. He also gave his […]

“The Read” podcast celebrated their five year anniversary over the weekend by selling out the Apollo theater and having a good ol’ Black time. If you know anything about Kid Fury and Crissle, you know that they both share a love for the movie Sister Act — the sequel specifically. So much so that the […]