On Friday evening, residents of Los Angeles and surrounding areas looked into the sky to find something strange and unidentifiable. People couldn’t determine if it was a chemtrail or a UFO and it was freaking everyone out. It’s been confirmed that the mystery in the sky was SpaceX launching a Falcon 9 rocket which boosted a […]

Tyler Perry had jokes for some foreigners who wanted to take a picture with him in L.A. Before getting in his car, the filmmaker snapped a picture with two French women who asked for a photo. The ladies assumed he was famous without actually knowing who he was. One of the ladies asked Perry if […]

There have been a slew of burglaries in the L.A. area this year, and now A$AP Rocky‘s home has just been added to the list. NBC4 LA reports that an unnamed woman was held at gunpoint while the rapper’s Beverly Grove home was being robbed. The Los Angeles Police Department reports that three men were seen knocking on the […]

Although teenagers with raging hormones would be intrigued by it, filming a porno in an actual school probably isn’t a smart idea. Back in 2012, a porn shoot went down at Los Angeles’ Alexander Hamilton High School, and it even featured a “nude carwash scene in the school’s front parking lot.” The district, which makes $2 […]

Nicki Minaj and her boyfriend Meek Mill seem to be joined at the hip lately, but Nicki arrived in Los Angeles solo dolo yesterday, grabbing at her waistline to make sure her spandex were on point as paparazzi snapped photos. Touching down at LAX airport, she probably wasn’t thinking about the possibility that her black […]

As police continue to investigate the shooting death of a black homeless man in Los Angeles, officials say the body camera footage won’t be released just yet, Mashable reports. Police are hesitant to release the footage until the officer’s intent is fully investigated. Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck told reporters that the release of the footage could cause […]

There’s so much talent coming out of the L.A. rap scene. Everyone knows about rappers like Kendrick Lamar, YG, and Kid Ink. But let’s talk about the guys bubbling on the underground, like Vince Staples, DUBB, Skeme, and Buddy. Or, better yet, let’s talk about one guy in particular: and that would be Young Sam. Young Sam is […]

Who’s got better maternity style than Kourtney Kardashian? And whose kurves go harder than Kim K‘s? Obviously those are rhetorical questions because, well, the unmistakable answer for both is nobody. You can imagine how enthused we were to wake up and see that the two eldest sisters of the Kardashian krew were out and about […]

Kim Kardashian is ready to try her hand at acting. The reality TV starlet was spotted out and about yesterday sporting her signature look – a crop top paired with a midi-length fitted skirt. She’s said to have been grabbing lunch at The Peninsula in Beverly Hills, Ca. Perhaps she was fueling up before a long […]

Nicole Murphy and Michael Strahan may have made their split public, but they’ve had issues for months. Back in January, Murphy made a surprise visit to Michael’s Beverly Wilshire Hotel room, where she suspected he was with another woman. According to TMZ, she arrived at the room in a rage, banging on the door and […]