Media lawyer @Kyalbr breaks down the legal side of Mo’s money problems with Netflix; In his opinion, she’s comepletely right.

The law has caught up with (fake) Lagos lawyer, Chris Elisha, who was arrested earlier this week after practicing law for 15 years. The police at the Ojo division in Nigeria arrested the 49-year-old on Tuesday following a suspicion raised by lawyer, Nnamdi Nwafor. According to reports, “Nwafor observed that Elisha could not move a […]

Things are not looking good for Bill Cosby‘s November retrial on sexual assault charges. According to USA Today, the comedian’s lead lawyer, Brian McMonagle, has quit the defense team just three months before Cosby returns to court. Reports say that McMonagle asked permission to withdraw in paperwork filed on Tuesday with Montgomery County Judge Steven T. O’Neill. Allegedly, Cosby’s former […]

R. Kelly has been getting comparisons to Bill Cosby after news broke that he’s the alleged leader of an abusive sex cult that targets young, impressionable women. Although the singer didn’t want to be compared to the controversial comedian, he added salt to the womb by hiring Cosby’s lawyer to represent him in court. According […]

Phaedra Parks has had one hell of a week after the finale of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion aired on Sunday. The famous lawyer has been blasted by everyone from Kandi Burruss to her ex friend Porsha Williams after being exposed as a liar. Kandi’s even considering pressing charges against the reality star — […]

Kourtney Kardashian is lawyering up, y’all. Well, at least we think she is. The 36-year-old mother of three was spotted visiting an L.A. office building on Monday, July 20th, filled with lawyers. One in particular stands out – Laura Wasser, who both Kim and Khloe used as their lawyer during their own divorces. It hasn’t […]

Chris Brown has turned over a new leaf this year. Unfortunately now, the singer is the center of a criminal investigation – but this time, he’s the victim. According to TMZ, when Chris was jailed for leaving rehab back in April and taken across the country to Washington D.C. for his hearing on assault charges, one of […]

Justin Bieber just can’t stay out of trouble. The 20-year-old was detained at LAX on Thursday after trying to re-enter the United States following a trip to Asia. The Canadian-born pop star spent four hours being questioned by immigration officials before he was released and told he could leave the airport. Justin and his team […]

The bizzareness that is Gucci Mane continues even though he’s behind bars. But this time, it’s not the rapper who’s displaying erratic behavior. Fifty-one-year-old Jerry Lewis Dedrick, a random inmate in South Carolina, has prepared legal docs to get Gucci Mane out of jail. Dedrick, who’s currently locked up in a Williamsburg federal prison, made it his duty to get the […]