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Some new pics of Drake have hit the internet, and it appears that he’s been working out. He even said this on his Bberry messenger about the flicks. ‘Someone on the resort twit pic’d me from a mile away, lol. U can post that and let the girls know I’m in the gym!!! Haha


  It baffles, no saddens me, that 40 some odd years after the ‘Thrilla in Manilla’, Joe Frazier still lives with a dark cloud of defeat over his head.  Poor dude.  A few weeks ago, flipping through channels, I stopped on a doc about the fight.  It was clear that Ali was being favored, the […]


I had never been to Africa before, but standing at the top of a sand dune overlooking the slums of Khayelitsha yesterday, a section of South Africa’s sprawling Cape Flats, I felt completely connected to the homeland. The sun was setting, reflecting light off the millions of corrugated tin roofs below, the last hint of […]