Box office newcomers proved to be no match for Jurassic World and the cartoon Inside Out, which beat out Magic Mike XXL and Terminator: Genisys for the number one and number two spot, respectively. Jurassic World continued to rake it in, with $30.9 million made in theaters this weekend, solidifying its leap to the fourth-best showing of all time […]

Ladies and gentleman, the long-awaited Magic Mike XXL is in theaters now, and it was surely worth the wait. Channing Tatum, Amber Heard, Jada Pinkett Smith, and the rest of the boys get back together to put on a great show for the ladies. As always, we’re giving you an exclusive look into the film on […]

Channing Tatum, one of Hollywood’s most sought-after stars, was put to the truest of acting tests last night on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. The 35-year-old heartthrob showed up ready to perform a couple of skits from his hit stripper movie sequel Magic Mike XXL, but was caught off guard when Fallon naturally added a twist to the game. […]

The indescribably fabulous Jada Pinkett Smith hit the cover of Haute Living New York, giving us the inside scoop on why she took the role of a strip club owner in the upcoming Magic Mike XXL movie. It was no surprise to us that Channing Tatum charmed her into the gig, obviously. The 43-year-old actress opened up about her role in […]

The boys of Magic Mike XXL are going to grace our movie screens once again next month, and the ladies are still getting themselves ready. One of the cast members, Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss, is the resident DJ of The Ellen Show, where he showed an exclusive clip from the movie. [Youtube] Earlier today, reports surfaced that Troy […]

All hail queen Jada Pinkett Smith! The 43-year-old beauty has been busy promoting her new film Magic Mike XXL. As we previously reported, Jada chopped it up about her open relationship with her husband Will Smith, but she also talked about the other love of her life — Tupac. Although he’s been gone for 20 years, Jada still gets […]

The ladies love Magic Mike, and they seem to be lined up waiting for the sequel, Magic Mike XXL, which is where Channing Tatum comes in. The actor recently disguised himself and interviewed tons of female fans at a screening for the film, and then surprised them by revealing his identity. The reactions are priceless. [Gossip Cop] Ed […]

We’ve been getting teased more and more for the upcoming Magic Mike XXL movie, and now we’re finally getting a real peek at what’s to come. The male stripper film’s first trailer is here, and it’s packed with dance moves, abs, and some beautiful eye-gazing from Channing Tatum. You won’t want to miss out, ladies. [Youtube] The […]

It seems like majority of the female population can hardly wait for the upcoming male stripper movie, Magic Mike XXL, and now they’ve added on another hunk in the mix. Childish Gambino has joined the cast of the sexy film, and his ab-bearing poster for the film has just been released. [Entertainment Weekly] Wiz Khalifa certainly loves […]