New York City's dancers are tired of ambitious bartenders stealing the show: "We just want professional courtesy!"

GlobalGrind would like to send a happy birthday out to Drake. The Toronto rapper turns 26 today and has been celebrating his birthday for almost a month now! PHOTOS: Drake Celebrates His Birthday Weekend In DC and ATL Since the actor-turned-rapper burst onto the scene, he’s rocketed to the top of the charts and become […]

Ne-Yo was spotted at the famous King of Diamonds stripper club in Miami last night, and apparently money was no object! DETAILS: Kiss & Tell: Maliah Dishes On Drake And Sean Kingston According to TMZ, the “Lazy Love” singer seemed pretty attracted to the show that Drake’s stripper ex-girlfriend Maliah Michel was putting on, considering he dropped […]

Rapper Tyga and his girlfriend Blac Chyna have been dating for quite some time now, and while people seem happy for them, I have to say I’m pretty surprised. The two just covered Urban Ink Magazine, only to confirm that Tyga wants to take things further with this chick. BLOG: Stripper Weekend: Tyga and Sean […]

There’s a new beef brewing! Drake took to Twitter last night and sent out some subliminal messages to a certain someone, which is surprisingly out of his low-key character. LIST: 10 Possible Reasons Why Rappers Hate Drake The rapper tweeted: Sometimes I wanna tweet things like “Bitch how you stop fuckin with me and now […]

You might be wondering why Drake was spotted cuddling with his ex-girlfriend Nebby on New Year’s when it was just announced that he was dating model Dollicia Bryan.  DETAILS: Drake Spotted With His Ex Girl, Nebby On NYE Well turns out the duo broke up over colored contact lenses. Yes! According to The YBF: The two were […]

It seems like Maliah Michel is Drake‘s favorite topic to rap about. PHOTOS: Maliah Michel Gets Hot And Tasty Lyrics like “Someone tell Maliah, I’m on fire, she should work tonight,” have fueled his music and now his muse is speaking out.  PHOTOS: Eight Vixens Who Should Date Aziz Ansari In an interview with Autumn […]

Every morning there is a sea of sexy aftermath and shocking news left on the internet from the things our favorite celebrities have done or said the night before. Whether it’s going to the club, hitting a red carpet, or making a statement that raises a few eyebrows, hip-pop fans need to know. GlobalGrind has […]

Oscar’s big weekend kicked off nicely for “Black Swan” star Natalie Portman and her director Darren Aronofsky. PHOTOS: “Black Swan” Inspires NY Fashion Week The Best Actress and Best Director Osacar nominees both won Film Independent’s Spirtit Awards on Saturday at Santa Monica Beach where the Awards were held this year.  The annual awards, which […]

See youuuuuuuu in Sept-emberrr! That’s the song of the morning because NY Fashion Week is over. But before we bid adieu to Fashion Week, let’s take a look at what happened yesterday, and let’s take a look at who was looking at what. Last night we saw Veronica Webb and Ya Ya DaCosta at Isaac […]