This year has already gotten off to a great start: Manhattan has just opened up its first medical marijuana dispensary.

Yesterday afternoon, a security guard was killed at a Manhattan federal building after a gunman opened fire on the premises. After shooting the guard, he then turned the gun on himself. According to ABC News: The incident unfolded after the gunman walked into the lobby of the building on Varick Street around 5 p.m., Chief James […]

Busta Rhymes was at Steel Gym in Manhattan, when he allegedly got into an altercation with another member of the establishment

UPDATE: 5:50 PM EST During a press conference Thursday, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio said the blast appears to have been caused by plumbing and gas work inside the building. That building partially collapsed in flames, affecting four others nearby, the Associated Press reports. An investigation continues. ———- An explosion in Manhattan’s East Village caused a […]