My name is Lydia Guevara and I’m a vegetarian.  Fire. At. Will.  If you’re asking yourself the question “Who the hell is this girl?” be comforted by the fact that you’re among the majority of readers asking the same question.  I’ve recently been involved with a PETA vegetarian campaign set to launch in South America.  […]

Last week naked pictures of Cassie and Rihanna hit the internet and well I’m saying what’s the big deal? If you photoshopped enough images i’m sure we can come across a completely naked picture of both women. With that said I’m asking who is the sexiest. Is it Cassie Spread eagle? Or Rihanna’s artistic, naughty […]

Vanessa Hudgens Nude Scandal Pictures The Vanessa Hudgens Scandal had begun to disappear before a new series of Photos made way on the Internet. Vanessa Hudgens Scandal loose news of naked Pictures of the 19-year-old star of High School Musical 2 swept

Christina Applegate is a recent cancer survivor and my favorite cast member of Married With Children.I heard she had to loose her breast because of the cancer which is terrible but guess what? Christina still smokes cigarettes.She’s a total jackass won’t you agree?<p>Chris Brown is stressed.All jokes aside I wish him the very best. Isn’t […]