“Family Affair” was a huge hit for Mary J. Blige in 2001 and it not only received a ton of commercial acknowledgment, it introduced us to words like hateration, holleration and…..dancery? For years, we’ve been trying to figure out if “dancery” was truly the word Mary J. Blige used in the song. For a while, […]

Thousands of R&B and hip hop lovers came to the legendary Essence music festival in New Orleans, Louisiana, on Fourth of July weekend. From Mary to Chance, this year was unforgettable. While temperatures were hot and smoggy outside the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, attendees were cool and all smiles inside the venue. Some of the biggest acts […]

Special appearances from Nas, Jay Z, Busta Rhymes & more

Last night the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York was full of glitter, sequins, costume changes and a whole lot of fierce attitude as the Divas came out to be celebrated at the annual VH1 Divas concert. STORY: Amy Winehouse To Be Honored At VH1 Divas Show  Some of the most influential names in the music […]

<p>So far, we’ve confirmed 6 of the 11 celebrities who will appear on the show as well as their partners — check it out: <br /> <br /> — <strong>Chris Jericho</strong> &amp; Cheryl Burke<br /> — <strong>Lil’ Romeo</strong> &amp; Chelsie Hightower<br /> — <strong>Kendra Wilkinson</strong> &amp; Louis van Amstel<br /> — <strong>Kirstie Alley </strong>&amp; Maksim […]

As more and more women become ‘Wiggies’ — that is a woman who wears a wig, I think it’s time someone set some ground rules for wig wearing.   Over the last couple years, wearing a wig has become more of a fashion statement and less of a hair fix.  Thanks to entertainers like Beyonce, Trina, Tyra Banks, and Wendy Williams, women […]

Recently Tyra Banks stop her successful talk show and Oprah announce that she was leaving her talk show to. And they both had positive great TV shows that shined a positive light on African American women. Now where is day time talk going? Oprah and Tyra they took on strong and deep topic that needed […]

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<p>Wendy Williams and Whoopi Goldberg met each other in a TV reality series. The TV series is hosted by Wendy herself. This sounds quite odd as she has been</p>

<p>Snooki gets a new hair style on from Wendy Williams on The Wendy Williams Show. Are you feeling her new look?</p>