February is Black History Month, and while Selma and 12 Years A Slave are still fresh in our memories as some of the best historically set films ever made, others have been stuck in the annals as the years waned on. From To Kill A Mockingbird all the way to The Great Debaters, the African-American struggle for equality has been portrayed […]

T.I. and actor Matthew Broderick were the latest duo to hit the Bravo clubhouse on Watch What Happens Live. Broderick appeared on the show to promote his current play, It’s Only A Play, while T.I. was there to push his new album Paperwork. During their visit, the pair played a series of quirky games, acted out the infamous […]

We’ve loved Matthew Broderick since we first met him in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off back in 1986. And now, 26 years later, Matthew is back as Ferris for a Superbowl ad. Check out a sneak peek of the ad in the clip above. Anyone else excited for February 5?

The stars had never looked brighter than last Monday night during the movie premiere of I Don’t Know How She Does It in New York City. For you star gazers, it was a night to remember as the Red Carpet heated up with a cast of A-list celebrities, featuring none otherthan Sarah Jessica Parker herself, the leading […]

Global Grind…this is your boy Ne-yo checking in!  I have been really busy on the set of the movie, as well as working on various artists albums.  One of those artists is one of the newest members of my Compound Family….her name is Ms. Jaydn Maria and she is not my girlfriend as Mediatakeout posted […]