“Not Coming Home” is an original song by Mike de la Rocha capturing the growing movement to end state violence across America. Featuring artwork from the Manifest:Justice art exhibit, the video is a call to action for people to download the Mobile Justice App to record and report incidents of police misconduct while joining the […]


“To speak for someone is to be more than rude, it is to invade.” And with those words, I sat down and read the entire collection of short stories from my dear friend Mark Gonzales’s new book entitled, “In Times of Terror, Wage Beauty.” The small vignettes challenged me to share my own thoughts and […]

The recent killings of unarmed black men at the hands of law enforcement has left me speechless. It’s been extremely difficult for me to articulate the sadness that I’ve been feeling so I’ve decided to pour my heart into a song. Rather than immediately react to the explicit acts of state violence, I felt that I […]

What issue would drive Academy Award winning actor Tim Robbins to come out on a Saturday morning to speak with community residents in South Los Angeles? What issue would inspire multi-faceted artists like Patrisse Cullors and Patrick Martinez to share their personal stories with the world? What issue would motivate artists like Olivia Wilde, Aloe […]