During an appearance on the Iowa radio program Mickelson in the Morning, Republican candidate Mike Huckabee agreed when the conservative host used a bible verse to justify selling poor people into slavery.


When the world learned of Cecil the Lion's death at the hands of a rich American dentist, the world wept over the loss and called

When you’re around anyone that is close to Beyoncé, or her Beyhive, you better believe that they will come for you if you try to speak negatively of her. Michelle Williams recently appeared on The View to fill another guest host slot, and she was given the opportunity to confront Mike Huckabee, who hasn’t had the nicest […]

Mike Huckabee recently made some comments over President Obama and Michelle Obama‘s parenting skills, and they might rile up the Beyhive. The former governor of Arkansas recently spoke with People Magazine, where he, at first, complimented the President and First Lady’s parenting, but then criticized their decision to incorporate Beyonce into events at the White House […]

Saudi Arabia’s national airline is considering introducing gender segregation after there were many complaints concerning random men being seated next to wives. The men and women might be seated separately on flights in the future, except for close relatives. [RT] A little girl was the only survivor of a fatal plane crash in Kentucky, and walked […]