This week, Alabama’s Doug Jones was sworn into the U.S. Senate and he brought along his openly gay son Carson Jones. Who else was at the ceremony? None other than Vice President Mike Pence who has a lengthy history of anti-LGBT actions. Perfect timing for Carson to give the best side eye of the year so […]

While promoting his new movie Wonder, Daveed Diggs told our Xilla Valentine that after the Hamilton cast gave a message to VP Mike Pence that Trump supporters showed up to the Hamilton play in Chicago screaming get these n-words off stage. Wonder is in theaters everywhere tomorrow.

Nas penned a serious open letter titled “Action Speaks Louder Than Words” in which he takes aim at Donald Trump and Mike Pence. The rap icon kicked off the charged post on the topic of race, writing, “The only way the Black man gets a little piece in America is if he takes the O.J. […]


A recap of the moments that had us doing everything from shaking our heads to crying with laughter.

The LGBTQ community welcomed Vice President-elect Mike Pence to his new digs in Washington in the most creative way ever.

Hamilton cast member Brandon Victor Dixon asked the audience on Friday to refrain from booing the vice president-elect, but offered him strong words of advice about governing the nation.