We should never take for granted being able to hear our loved ones expressing their love for us. Watch this magical moment when “profoundly deaf” baby Charly hears her mom say “I Love You” for the first time. Don’t forget your tissues.  


The best way to tackle childbirth isn't deep breathing or a few calming words from your midwife -- it's the Nae Nae.

Spring is finally here, despite the weather taking its time to adjust in some colder areas of the country. And with the new changes coming, the flowers blooming, and some snow fully melting, there are bound to be tons of people across the globe experiencing the wrath of seasonal allergies. Kelly Rowland recently became a […]

There’s nothing like a mother-son relationship, and Ciara is taking full advantage of the time she spends with her baby. The “Promise” singer recently hopped on a plane with her little boy Future, and the two looked like they were having a blast together as they took a couple of selfies mid-flight. CiCi couldn’t resist sharing the adorable […]