The subscription-based streaming service announces 'Tidal Unplugged'...details inside.

Mark Steele is making waves and now he’s back with a 60-second visual that’ll give you life. Ahead of his forthcoming album, Steele dropped a mixtape titled Before A Minute. Now, he delivers the video for “Imaginary Player,” one of ten minute-long freestyles that appear on that tape. While paying homage to Jay Z, the […]

Today marks Aaliyah‘s 39th birthday and if she were still alive, we can only imagine how she would’ve looked at today’s current artists. Would she see her influence? Would she be hopping on other people’s tracks? Surely the smooth vocalist would have been pushing music forward herself. Aaliyah was more than sunshades and crop tops. […]

Adrian Daniel may think he's a normal guy from Brooklyn, but there is nothing average or everyday about what he does in the booth.