Crudo is Mexican for hangover, the crushing headache and remorse you feel after a night of binge drinking and, perhaps, sleeping with the wrong person. You know, that thing you did last night while ringing in 2012! GlobalGrind’s Best & Most Memorable Books Of 2011! Whether you had tequila, vodka, red wine, cerveza, champagne or […]

Looks like it’s that time of year again: New Year’s Eve! Have you no clue how to spend it? Broke? On a budget? Don’t want to repeat your unfortunate mistake from last year? STORY: The 12 Drinks Of Christmas! Fret not GlobalGrind reader, we got you covered. First of all, don’t buy into the ‘Oh-My-God-What-Am-I-Gonna-Do-For-New Years’ […]


Researchers announced Monday that the first clinical trial of human stem-cell therapy has begun on a patient with a spinal cord and brain injury. Human embryonic stem cells could potentially help paralyzed people walk and restore some bodily functions. The human trial is Phase I of the process thats main focus is testing the safety […]


<p>Article highlighting the first verse of the Ludacris song, "Tell It Like It Is," from his Release Therapy album.</p>


Robin Thicke is all set to drop his new album Sex Therapy. I heard the album last week and I must say it’s awesome. Some of you may remember the picture above of Jay-Z & Robin Thicke in the studio listening to his record and Jay had on the stinky face. I caught up w/ […]