Despite what you've heard, Nicki Minaj has no plans to get hitched. At least, not yet.

Our society has become accustomed to labeling people based on their sexuality, and Kristen Stewart has had enough of it.

Vanessa Hudgens has embarked on somewhat of a reinvention. After chopping off her locks for her latest film, Gimme Shelter, and being the center of critique for her role in the controversial film Spring Breakers, Vanessa has successfully shaken off any bit of that Disney residue left on her. That may be the reason why […]

Please excuse us while we swoon over the glory that is Jared Leto.  The 30 Second to Mars frontman has once again been pegged to cover the latest issue of NYLON Guys Magazine, and he is looking his ever dapper self. For the cover, the rocker donned a pair of faux leather pants paired with […]

Pop chanteuse Lana Del Rey looks like a million bucks on the cover of the November issue of NYLON mag. Tons of buzz has been surrounding the sultry singer since Kanye proposed to Kim with Lana’s song “Young & Beautiful” playing in the background last night. Needless to say, she must be someone special if Kanye’s dedicating her […]