Creative head gear takes the power away from a ridiculous slogan.

With a current POTUS who can low-key say whatever he wants, it’d be refreshing if Barack Obama let loose a little, now that he’s out of office. Jordan Peele got the right idea when he put his voice behind an Obama video for Buzzfeed. Peep what the no-f’s-given Barack would have to say in the […]

On a serious mission to sell as many Girl Scout cookies as they can, this father-daughter duo taped a parody video in which they remixed Childish Gambino‘s “Redbone.” Watch up top and if you’re in Georgia buy a box of cookies to support. Oh, and peep the shirts. Wakanda forever.

Black Panther weekend is already off to a great start with celebrity freestyles and fashion killers taking center stage. Someone at was so hype, they decided to ask what if Black Panther took over the “Icon” status from Jaden Smith?  The track “Young King” was born. Watch the hilarious bars from the Wakandan royalty below!

If you let a few young news pundits tell it, #BlackExcellence is at an all-time high. In a clip posted to Facebook, a group of Black kids dress up as some familiar faces from CNN, including Angela Rye, April Ryan, Symone Sanders and Bakari Sellers. They shout out all the amazing talent creating Black history in […]

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song is such a classic that most of us know it better than the National Anthem. Saturday Night Live decided to give the vintage intro a more sinister spin than the jolly vibe that we’re use to, starring SNL newcomer Chris Redd, Jessica Chastain and Method Man. Watch until […]

Everyone from Kim Kardashian to Drake have confessed their love for Netflix’s Stranger Things — and now Sesame Street is taking a swing at spoofing the popular thriller.     Check out the famous muppets’ 6-minute, adorable parody of Stranger Things called “Sharing Things.”    

Aside from being one of the NBA’s best offensive players, Draymond Green also holds the title for one of the funniest athletes off the court. Donned the new king of trash talk, Green starred in a new parody video for Kendrick Lamar‘s “Humble.” The Golden State Warriors power forward played K. Dot in the satirical […]