What ever happened to practicing what you preach? Two anti-violence protesters severely beat a man in Pennsylvania, leaving him in critical condition. Nikole Ardeno and Emanuel Valez allegedly jumped the man — a former roommate — over a property dispute. The accused kicked the victim until he was unconscious, causing him to have seizures and vomit […]

A Pennsylvania felon shot his gun into a neighbor’s window early Friday, claiming it was the only way to unload it.  According to The Huffington Post, 31-year-old George Byrd IV says he was unaware of how to unload his gun because he’s never owned one before. Police found a 357 revolver, 12-gauge double barrel shotgun, and an M77 […]

Police officials in Canandensis, Pennsylvania are currently on a manhunt for 31-year-old suspect Eric Frein after the killing of a state trooper. Local government officials have stated that police have been surrounding a home where Frein is believed to be hiding. According to CNN: The home, which was allegedly broken into, is not far from Frein’s […]

So this happened. Lorreta Luff, of Langhorne, Pennsylvania, was enjoying a quiet game of Spider Solitaire on Sunday when the battery from her Dell laptop blew up and started a small fire in her home. Luff suffered second and third degree burns to her feet, lips and hands. “It blew up,” Luff told CBS Philly. “It flipped my […]

A 76-year-old man was thrown to the ground and tasered by cops six times  in Pennsylvania before they realized that he was not his brother, the man who was supposed to be arrested. According to WFMZ, the Lehigh County Police are being sued after Robert Gross was wrongfully tasered and injured when cops thought he was […]