Will Smith may not be attending this year's Academy Awards, but he is impressed with how the Academy responded to the backlash following their lack of diverse nominees.

Pope Francis became everyone’s favorite rapper Monday after a convincing photo inspired Twitter users to pair him with the hilarious #PopeBars hashtag.

DJ Khaled has new music for you to tune in to. As gamers get hooked on NBA 2k16 this weekend, they’ll learn the game’s official soundtrack was organized by three DJs, one of which includes Khaled. Listen to his exclusive 2k16 “365” track here – it features Ace Hood, Kent Jones, and Vado. [Miss Info] […]

For many, meeting the Pope is a once in a lifetime opportunity… stealing his glass of water and drinking out of it? Priceless. As he addressed the U.S Congress on Thursday, Pope Francis kept some H2O by his side. When Congressman Bob Brady saw an opportunity to swipe the glass, he didn’t hesitate. Brady told the Philadelphia […]


A 17-year-old was blessed by Pope Francis in a touching moment at St. Patrick’s Cathedral during his big trip to New York Thursday evening.

Pope Francis is not like the others who ascended to Papal authority. And this morning, as he spoke at the Capitol in Washington, D.C.


A reporter believed it would be a good idea to ask the influential leaders about Black people, but her wording left the president baffled

In just a matter of 24 hours, Pope Francis’ arrival in the United States has caused excessive travel delays. After visiting President Barack Obama and shutting down the nation’s capital yesterday afternoon, the Pope could be the prime reason why iPhone fans may be in a bad mood for the next few days. According to Mashable, Pope […]

Pope Francis visits Washington D.C., New York and Philadelphia. After a red carpet welcome by President Barack Obama at an air base near the capital,…

Pope Francis has a message for Catholics regarding the Roman Catholic Church’s long-standing ban on birth control. It doesn’t mean you need to “breed like rabbits.” On Monday, the pope encouraged Catholics to be responsible with procreation even though the ban still stands. During an hour-long news conference on the plane from Manila to Rome, the cool […]