The proposed Black Friday boycott seeks to, as MLK put it, “redistribute the pain;” that is, call attention to racial injustice by hitting the nation's powers-that-be where it really hurts -- their wallets.

Kim Kardashian continues to work on her amazingly perfect body. The Keeping up with The Kardashians star was spotted coming out of a gym in Studio City, California on Monday. It looks like Kim Kardashian got tired of the paparazzi taking pictures of her butt because on her way in she covered it with her hand.  […]

<p>There was a lot of celebrating at the Grammy Awards last night, but the execs of the Grammys have a lot to celebrate this morning.</p><p>The show was significantly up in the ratings, bringing in 25.8 million viewers and killing the competition on every other network. The telecast ended up being the highest-rated Grammys telecast in […]


The latest presidential poll has Obama’s approval rating slipping under 50% – a rater higher than Reagan’s first months in office – but is this due to actual performance or personal protection of a historic politician?  Recent polls have shown that President Obama’s approval ratings continue to slide in an inverse relationship to the rise […]