Shannen Doherty, of 90210 fame, has a lot of titles to her name: actress, author and television director. Now you can add music video director to her resume. VIDEO: Radical Something “You Feel Amazing”  The actress directed the latest video for our favorite rapping/singing California trio, Radical Something. The video is for the song “Naked In Venice,” the […]

It’s never too early for some summertime fun, and that’s exactly what hip-pop group Radical Something brings us.  VIDEO: Radical Something “Say Yes”  The group just dropped the video for their feel-good anthem “You Feel Amazing.” It’s been a long, interesting journey for Radical Something, and the video for “You Feel Amazing” documents that trek. […]

Like we were going to say no? Hip-pop group Radical Something just released the video for their feel-good anthem, “Say Yes.” We definitely can relate to the title because this song is as undeniable as you can get. “Say Yes” is a fun as hell track that contains an insanely catchy hook and a warm, summertime feel. […]


Just in time for Valentine’s Day, hip-pop group Radical Something releases new music for the fans. But this tune isn’t your typical love song. “Valentine (Cut Me Loose)” goes deeper and tackles the sacrifices in love and life. VIDEO: Radical Something & Kinetics Say “Be Easy”  The revealing lyrics narrate what it’s like to leave your […]

Radical Something is back with their new song, which is such a sweet “Escape.” Radical Something are probably the champs of making great chill summer songs, where fans can just kick back and relax. Last time we heard from Radical Something, they kicked a few rhymes with Kinetics in their new video “Be Easy.” VIDEO: […]

Radical Something and Kinetics want you to “just relax, lay back, and be easy” in their new video for the song “Be Easy.” Opening with someone playing the piano and a microphone being dropped from the air, this video continues into a spiral of shots with an overall laidback nature which matches the song. Radical […]


Lt. Dan Choi, the openly gay Iraq War veteran booted from the New York Army National Guard after he came out enlisted in the regular Army yesterday, taking advantage of the overturning of the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy. Dan Choi, 29, a 2003 West Point grad formally discharged from the National Guard in July, walked […]


EDITOR’S NOTE: A federal judge on Thursday declared the U.S. military’s ban on openly gay service members unconstitutional and said she will issue an order to stop the government from enforcing the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy nationwide.  Below is Lt. Dan Choi’s repsonse.  Lt Choi was discharged from the US Army for being openly […]


Dear Distinguished Members Of The United States Senate, As you return to Washington, DC for the last session of the year, I write this letter in support of 80% of the American public who urge you to do what you have promised since 2008 and that is to repeal the broken law that we call […]

In honor of the 2010 Major League Baseball All Star game being held in Anaheim, CA this week, the ladies here at Global Grind have compiled a list of the hottest All Stars. While we couldn’t give you every jaw-dropping player to hit the fields, we’ve compiled our top ten hottest All-Stars (in no particular […]


A man sought since several bodies were found inside a burned house in Oklahoma City – including a prostitute featured in the HBO reality series ‘Cathouse’ – has been arrested. 32-year-old Denny Edward Phillips was shot three times Monday when he pointed a gun at officers. Authorities say he had been an early person of […]

Linebacker for the San Diego Chargers, Shaun Phillips is changing the game on and off the field. A self-proclaimed “CEO all day, clubber at night,” this  28-year-old NFL star who has been connected to the likes of Khloe Kardashian, pre-Lamar Odom, is utilizing  his time during off-season to build his brand beyond the field. When […]