UPDATE: 1:30pm EST More information on the report of Rodney King’s death has come forward including the coroner’s notes which suggested that King was “in a state of drug induced delirium” at the time of his death and either fell or jumped into the swimming pool.  The report continues, “The effects of the drugs and alcohol, […]

In the 20 years since the Rodney King verdict, Los Angeles has redefined itself and the individuals participating in #IgniteLA: Uprising Remixed have been some of the city’s strongest thought leaders in this two-decade long metamorphosis. This Saturday, the League of Young Voters, Cashmere Agency and SCOPE will host #IgniteLA: Uprising Remixed, a celebration of […]

Rodney King’s family is asking for help with donations, as his funeral costs are expecting to run about $22,000. STORY: Oh No! Neighbors Say Rodney King Was Sobbing Uncontrollably Before His Death  According to TMZ, King’s family is asking the public for donations so they can pay for a proper burial for the infamous LAPD […]

Following the death of Rodney King last week, there was much controversy over his drowning and whether his fiancée Cynthia Kelly was involved. AUDIO: Rodney King 911 Call Released! According to TMZ, his family seems to feel that she is nothing but trouble, so they have decided to not invite her to his funeral services. TMZ reports: […]

Even though Rodney King’s friends say they don’t believe his fiancée’s story, the LAPD does. STORY: Rodney King’s Autopsy Completed According to TMZ, law enforcement sources say they’ve concluded that Cynthia Kelley has been “cooperative and forthright” in her account of the events leading up to Rodney King’s death. As TMZ reported: Several of King’s […]

The emotional 911 call placed by Rodney King’s fiancée moments after she discovered his body at the bottom of his pool in Rialto, CA Sunday has been released to the public. STORY: It Just Ain’t Adding Up! The Curious Death Of Rodney King King’s fiancée, Cynthia Kelley, is heard frantically telling dispatchers to hurry so […]

A next-door neighbor of Rodney King said she heard the 47-year-old in his backyard sobbing uncontrollably early Sunday, apparently after he had been up all night. Then she heard a splash. STORY: Who Do You Believe? Police Trust Rodney King’s Fiancee! King, who was a talented swimmer, was found dead at the bottom of his […]

Rodney King, 47, the world’s first viral video star, was found dead over the weekend at the bottom of his swimming pool in the backyard of his Rialto, CA home. To this point, his death has been called an apparent accidental drowning.  STORY: Who Do You Believe? Police Trust Rodney King’s Fiancee  So the victim […]

Foul play is beginning to surround the death of Rodney King, 47, as two close friends think his fiancée isn’t telling the whole truth about what happened leading up to his death. STORY: Rodney King Is Dead At 47  According to TMZ, King’s fiancée, Cynthia Kelley, says she was awakened by the sound of King […]

After Rodney King was found dead at the bottom of his pool yesterday. Althought police stated no foul play took place, some of King’s friends have stated his fiance may need to be investigated as she keeps changing her story. An autopsy of King’s body has taken place. TMZ reports, The coroner has completed the […]

I remember when I watched the Rodney King beating for the first time. The disturbing footage played on my mother’s box television set as we watched the evening news during dinner. Mom had made fried chicken with some box mashed potatoes and corn that I mixed together. I remember this because after the footage was over I […]

On the early morning of March 3, 1991 one of the most shocking cases of police brutality occurred when four Los Angeles police stopped a car driven by Rodney King and then proceeded to savagely beat him. The police originally said King came towards them in a violent manner. However, we would later learn this […]