In honor of Black History Month, we are spotlighting ten inventions that would not exist without the effort, persistence and dedication of these Black women. From science to creative industries, many of the common amenities we have to date are a result of the hard work of Black women.

Watch him Google questions without typing or speaking and see the device read the results back to him via vibrations.

Male Birth Control Could Hit The Market Soon An experimental male birth control pill is reportedly “safe” and could hit the market in the foreseeable future.“Our last great advance in male contraception was 300 years ago with the development of the condom”, said Stephanie Page of the University of Washington School of Medicine. This would […]

A town in south-west Germany is going through some serious issues. According to a YouTube clip, Staufen is literally splitting apart, with huge cracks running through buildings and everything. Apparently, the government was boring into the area for geothermic energy, but the groundwater combined with a layer of anhydrite to form gypsum. All of this […]

The Journal of Social Psychology recently did a study that gave some insight into how alcohol can affect someone’s attractions. The results showed that the heterosexual men who participated in the study became more attracted to the same gender after a few drinks. The test involved 83 heterosexual adults. Their alcohol level was tracked via a breathalyzer […]

With bittersweet emotion, President Obama attended his sixth and final White House Science Fair on Wednesday, witnessing projects from more than 130 bright students, who presented ideas to save the planet, and treat Ebola.

Just a day after news broke that meat may contain cancer-causing carcinogens, vegetarians aren't escaping the fervor unscathed.

Andrew Wardle never had a penis, but in his new TLC documentary, he’s going to get one built from his arm. Andrew was born with a condition called bladder exstrophy, meaning his bladder formed on the outside of his body. As a result, he never developed a penis. In an interview with PEOPLE, the 40-year-old UK […]

Back in 2013, a Florida teen also worked on a science project for school and was arrested for it, and she received none of the perks Mohamed did. In fact, she was – and still is – treated much worse.

He stopped by The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore and dished on his infamous arrest. Larry Wilmore asked, "Be honest, keep it 100. Was it a little cool to be arrested?”

If the rapid ice melt in Antarctica is any indication, we’re in deep trouble. According to NASA, the complete melting of a major section of west Antarctica’s ice sheets is unstoppable and could lead to higher end-of-century global sea levels than previously anticipated. Higher sea levels mean coastal cities are in for some serious flooding. […]