Well, folks. It looks like we'll all be Netflix and Chilling for the next couple of days, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic

Listen, it’s hard out here for us 20-somethings. Not only are we dealing with the ups and downs that come with being a human being, but the financial problems we’re facing is something we didn’t even create. According to the Business Insider, some of millennials’ most critical money problems are student loan debt, inflating living […]

Gonna be a lot of Brown children on the Forbes list, soon.

Rick Ross‘ Mastermind has an official release date! Although Maybach Music’s head honcho announced dates for an 8-city tour set to promote his sixth-studio album weeks ago, he is now revealing a release date for the record.  Ross made the announcement last night, tweeting: Mastermind. 4th Quarter. Takeover. Its Over. Get Ready. 12/17 pic.twitter.com/EozN537EAU — Mastermind (@rickyrozay) October 9, […]