LeBron James took a selfie last night, and Black Twitter had a field day. The NBA All Star’s Cleveland Cavaliers suffered a tough loss against the Houston Rockets, in which LeBron missed two game winning free throws. After it was over, the family man took a long look in the mirror and shared his thoughts with fans. He […]

Everything seemed to be calm and cool on Twitter this morning – that is until conservative troll and activist Dinesh D’Souza slammed President Barack Obama over a photo from his interview with BuzzFeed. And yes, racism was involved. The political pundit posted a photo of Obama with a selfie stick from the BuzzFeed shoot alongside the following […]

The only days Kendall Jenner makes major model moves are the ones that end in ‘Y.’ Just yesterday, she appeared in her first beauty brand ad and another spread in Vogue—this after a Marie Claire cover and Marc Jacobs campaign. Up next? A Spring/Summer 2015 campaign for Karl Lagerfeld. Rumor had it this would happen, but today the designer revealed […]

Since filing for divorce last year, Amber Rose has been living the young, wild, and free life. The model is now being managed by Nick Cannon and starting to make a name for herself sans ex Wiz Khalifa. Last night, Muva Rosebud attended singer Meghan Trainor‘s album release party and looked nothing short of fabulous. Not only did […]

When you hear Golden Globes and Amber Rose in the same sentence, you most likely don’t think about the award show. To the surprise of some, the model hit the prestigious Globes red carpet in a low plunging, ivory colored dress paired with a simple Louboutin heel last night. But it was Amber’s own golden globes that […]

Fellas, you might want to turn that front camera off and step away from your iPhones. According to a study, there’s a connection between men who post selfies and narcissism and psychopathy. We’re looking at you, Justin Bieber. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that he and other men who post photos of themselves on the ‘Gram and […]

File this under: Shit We Don’t Want. As if society wasn’t terrible enough, one company has just put the icing on top of the shitty cake with a new invention we never knew we hated. 2014 was apparently the year of the butt, says mainstream media and anyone else who’s been keeping up with the Kardashians […]

But first, lemme take a selfie. And then another selfie. And then another selfie. That’s pretty much how Lady Gaga has been operating as of late, and you might’ve noticed if you’re one of her 4.8 million Instagram followers. Not because she loves a good selfie at Kim K levels, but probably more so because she […]

Kim and Khloe Kardashian just proved that no matter how old he gets, Rob will always be susceptible to being picked on by his older sisters. In a series of selfies, Kimmy and Koko took over Rob’s Instagram account and bombarded it with their own funny faces. Big sis got dibs and posted the first pic captioned, […]

Oh, you thought Kim Kardashian was a vain reality TV star who doesn’t really care about anything besides how good her butt looks in her form-fitting outfits and perfecting her selfies? Well, yeah, you’re kind of right. She is writing (we’re using that term loosely here) a book about said selfies titled Selfish. And of the thousands […]

Amber Rose wants y’all to know that just because you’ve seen her twerking her goodies all on Chris Brown‘s junk, does not mean she’s sleeping with him. The RoseAndOno owner answered her haters by uploading an Instagram video from online personality Cardi B. The sketch explains it all: In the video the stripper claims, “I hate […]