Kylie Jenner is an independent woman, and she’s not even 18 yet. The Kardashian member is usually one of the quiet ones on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but through social media, we see that she’s coming into her own in the public eye apart from her famous fam. Kylie recently landed her own spread in the […]

This week was filled with scandal, as private nude photos of female celebrities were released onto the internet. Now, Jill Scott has joined the long list of hacking victims. The singer, who wasn’t named in the initial list by hackers who released photos of Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence, spoke on her alleged nude selfie that […]

After the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown, who was killed by a Ferguson police officer last week, all hell has broken loose in the state of Missouri. As riots ensue, Al Sharpton – who quickly showed his support for Brown’s family – has become the subject of much scrutiny, with a few public figures questioning his motives. […]

So this happened. A Georgia teacher was fired from her position after a group of 14-year-old students took naked selfies from her cell phone and posted them online. The school board voted to fire Lekeshia Jones, 34, last week for not properly handling the incident. She claims, however, she was wrongfully terminated from Myers Middle School […]

You can’t follow everyone. It’s something that you learn quickly having an Instagram account. It’s simple: you follow everyone, and your timeline will be flooded with trash, from corny humble brags to horrible selfies. So you have to be careful with who you show love to. Basically, your timeline should be a couple of close friends, some […]

Giddy up! Khloe Kardashian saddled up for private horse riding lessons this week and looked great doing it. The notorious animal lover posted some photos of her experience on Instagram yesterday, and it looks like she made a new animal friend after it all! She captioned the photo: “Meet my new bestie, Nick!” Khloe took some time to herself as […]

It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian is a big fan of selfies, and in the most recent episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the married reality star took that obsession to the next level – but this time, she got caught. On the Kardashian getaway to Thailand, the 33-year-old enlisted her assistant to take sexy photos of […]

She’s about that selfie life. Leave it up to Miley Cyrus to get creative and post a topless selfie with her signature tongue sticking out, as she semi-showed off her boobs on the ‘Gram. We almost can spot a little nip-nip, which instead is covered by a random mini red octopus icon. Miley captioned her surprise photo […]

The second official Annie trailer is finally here and it is so good. The epic remake is a fresh twist on the old classic. Though some of the details have been changed, the story remains, for the most part, the same. Annie promises plenty of laughs and maybe even a few tears, with an all-star cast of actors, including Quvenzhane Wallis, […]