This week, Alabama’s Doug Jones was sworn into the U.S. Senate and he brought along his openly gay son Carson Jones. Who else was at the ceremony? None other than Vice President Mike Pence who has a lengthy history of anti-LGBT actions. Perfect timing for Carson to give the best side eye of the year so […]

On Tuesday night, Democrat Doug Jones beat Republican Roy Moore for a seat in the U.S. Senate. The victory was monumental considering a Democrat from Alabama hasn’t won a Senate seat in 25 years. Not to mention, Moore has been accused of sexually assaulting teenagers and his absurd views include believing America was great when slavery […]

The streak of celebrities running for office continues with talks of Kid Rock taking up a Senate seat.

The House of Representatives on Tuesday passed a bill to strengthen U.S. traveling restrictions for citizens from 38 countries.

It's unlikely the vote will turn into law, however; President Barack Obama has vowed to veto the bill, which also contains language to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act.

Chris Johnson, a free-agent running back in the NFL, was reportedly shot on Saturday night in Orlando. According to reports, Johnson was riding around in his car with friends when shots rang out. The driver was killed and Johnson was shot in the arm. He is in stable condition in an Orlando hospital. No arrests […]

One politician from Oklahoma is working hard to enable a law that requires couples get tested for STDs before walking down the aisle. Sen. Anthony Sykes (R) introduced Senate Bill 733 to the court late last week. The bill wants couples to take a blood test 30 days before they apply for a marriage license. If one […]

Would you believe there are current members of Congress who voted against making Martin Luther King Jr. Day a federal holiday in 1983? According to Yahoo! News, both former GOP presidential nominee John McCain of Arizona, and Sen. Richard Shelby of Alabama voted against the holiday back in the day, along with four men who have since […]

On Tuesday afternoon, an explosive report including the results of a five and a half year investigation of CIA interrogations of terrorist suspects following the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks was released by the Senate Intelligence Committee. The results were both shocking and disturbing — the George W. Bush administration deployed torture tactics more brutal than originally reported, the […]

With his time in the White House dwindling, President Obama is buckling down on immigration and considering a plan that would protect 5 million immigrants living in the country “illegally” from deportation. That’s huge (and positive) news. But, as expected, House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) isn’t too happy about the broad set of executive actions the […]

Tuesday night saw Republicans take control of the Senate six years after losing their footing to the Democrats, but it also ushered in a new chapter in history — three African-Americans were elected to Congress in the midterm elections. They included Sen. Tim Scott in South Carolina, Will Hurd in Texas, and Mia Love of Utah — […]

It’s official. Midterm elections are over, and the votes are in. Last night was one for the books — the GOP took back the Senate, Congress made history by welcoming the 100th woman for the first time ever, and recreational marijuana use became legal in the nation’s capital. Check out these stories below to see […]