A 3-year-old boy shot a 20-year-old Houston, Texas man in the face Saturday, leaving him in critical condition. Patrick Sanders of Houston was said to be sleeping on the couch when the pistol slipped out of his pants and onto the floor. When Sanders tried to get the pistol back from the child, he shot Sanders […]

Authorities believe they know who shot Suge Knight six times on the Sunset strip, but because they do not have enough evidence to pin it on the suspect, closing the case is going to be difficult. According to  TMZ: “Law enforcement sources tell us they’ve reviewed security cameras and spoken to multiple witnesses of the […]

Just over a week after being shot six times during a pre-VMA party in West Hollywood, photos of Suge Knight’s wounds have hit the Internet. TMZ obtained the photos, which show numerous bullet holes in Suge’s arm and torso, as well as an enormous scar spanning the length of his stomach from a shooting-related emergency […]

On Sunday night, TMZ reported that Suge Knight, who was shot during a Pre-VMA party hosted by Chris Brown, was out of the ICU and on his way to recovery. Now, video evidence has surfaced showing Suge Knight surrounded by cops just moments after he was hit by six bullets. The video shows Suge kneeling on his knees […]

A Minnesota man shot a 17-year-old girl after she asked him not ride his lawn mower in her yard. Chad Pickering, 40, of Bemidji, shot the girl three times as she stood on her deck Monday evening. The teen was shot in her right thigh, left ankle, and her chest. Her injuries were treated at […]

A 5-year-old girl was fatally shot and her mother wounded on Sunday and now Cleveland police may have a possible location for the suspected gunman. According to authorities the shooting took place at about 11PM on the west side of the city when a man pulled up to the vehicle the mom was in, got […]

A woman from Colorado lost her life this week after she accidentally shot herself in the head with a rifle that she was handling. According to ABC Denver, witnesses told the network that Anastasia Adair was passing a AK-47-style assault rifle to her husband when the gun went off, killing her instantly. A second shot went […]

Live by the gang, die by the gang. But not in this case. PHOTOS: Prayers! Shooting At Coastal Carolina University Residence Hall Leaves 1 Dead!  An Atlanta teen was shot 15 times after he expressed his decision to leave the gang he belonged to.  Members of the Young Mob gang go by the motto, “You’re in […]

The wife of the Connecticut man who shot his adopted teenage son after mistaking him as a house robber was the first person to call the police after the shooting. Tyler Giuliano was outside the neighboring house in a ski-mask and  holding a knife outside of his aunt’s house when his father mistook him for […]

A video recently surfaced of Brooklyn rapper Maino getting shot while performing.  EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Maino Breaks Down The Evolution Of Oral Sex! While making it rain during his performance, a single shot was fired hitting Maino in his upper torso area.  In the video you can hear him yell, “Oh Sh*t!” while ducking for cover.  MissInfo […]


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