Ashton Kutcher shared a video on Instagram with his wife Mila Kunis, bathing their two children. The couple, along with a few other notable celebrities, sparked a debate a few weeks ago after revealing that they rarely bathe themselves or their children. 

Yesterday, Naya Rivera sent social media into a frenzy after she said that showering every day is “a white people thing,” and do it “more than ethnics.” After the Glee revealed she only showered every 2-3 days, many users on different social media platforms began to criticize her comments, which she addressed today, once again, on The […]

Naya Rivera is undeniably beautiful, but would you have ever guessed that she showers every 3 days? The Glee star recently stopped by the The View as a guest host, and she got into a topic of conversation over personal hygiene with the ladies. It turns out that Naya revealed that she only showers every 3 days, and […]

If Sam Smith wasn’t already amazing enough, he’s continuing to blow our minds. The In The Lonely Hour singer arguably took over everyone’s emotions in 2014 with his soulful, soothing voice, and it turns out he doesn’t keep it from those around him while he’s at home. As he was in the shower recently, his new […]