Paying tribute to her late father Joel Levesque on what would be his 61st birthday, JoJo releases an honest and emotional video for her song "Save My Soul."

Atlanta rapper B.o.B. enlists the talent of Boston songstress JoJo to perform an acoustic version of his Underground Luxury single “John Doe.” The original version of the song features another R&B singer named Priscilla, but B.o.B. decided to tap the talents of JoJo instead. Performing in an intimate setting with barely a dozen people watching, […]

Everyone needs a guardian angel and singer JoJo is no exception.  JoJo searches for guidance and protection on her new track “Guardian Angel.” This midtempo heartfelt song is a far cry from her party track with LMFAO “Sucks To Be You,” and doesn’t bring the sass like her Drake “Marvin’s Room (Can’t Do Better)” cover, […]

Every day there are tons of music related tidbits that float around the internet, but how is one to know what’s good, what’s worth listening to and what everyone will be talking about tomorrow? Well, you’re in luck, because GlobalGrind has rounded up some of the coolest, most buzz-worthy musical information of the day and […]


Today, another theme unfolds in GlobalGrind’s Gear Of The Day. We’re paying homage to the historic style of the pin-up girl. The sultry pin-up genre has been emulated in the form of art, and through curvaceous models who would stand to become sex symbols. Nowadays we still see pin-up styles, and fashions from that era, […]

The movie “Hall Pass” opened this weekend, and you might have seen it as the number one trending topic on twitter last night. The movie is about a married man that is granted by his wife an opportunity to have an affair. Well, we decided to take this to the next level.  PHOTOS: Martin Lawrence […]


What do you for someone who turns 90? Well if you are the Gucci brand you keep on doing what you’re doing. The legendary fashion house, which was founded in 1921 as a leather goods manufacturer and as  the House of Gucci by Guccio Gucci in Florence, Italy, is celebrating its 90th birthday this week. […]

Kanye West has around 1,396,061 followers on twitter, and has made a habit to only follow select people for a limited amount of time. He currently follows 15 of the hottest supermodels in the world right now. This comes directly after name dropping 21 top models in his song Christian Dior Denim Flow. Leave it […]


Ladies we all know that a bag is half the outfit. With that being said, we have complied yet another list to help narrow down your choices while shopping for the perfect fall bag. Earlier this summer we featured the top 6 ‘IT’ bags and by adding a few more to the list we present […]


We have all come to love Kim Kardashian for different reasons. Whether we find her highly entertaining on her hit E! reality show, amazed by her active dating life, or hanging on her every fashion move Kim K holds our attention. Currently she has the largest impact on fashion, and if we see her in […]

13 years is long way to go, and German beauty, Heidi Klum certainly maintained her ‘sexy’ as a top reigning Angel for Victoria’s Secret. She’s done countless photo shoots and strutted down runways nearly baring it all – over and over again! As a busy woman, she’s taken on the role of a wife, mother […]


We love celebrity sightings at the airport! We think its the most vulnerable time in a celebrities life. They are force to go through the same security check points as us, have their luggage inspected like us, and arrive to their gates and wait to be called, JUST LIKE US. But for some of us, […]