Cecilia Mula was just minding her business when her phone sent a text to her crush on her behalf.

Apple is an amazing company, especially since we know Siri can completely shut down your life.

DoNotUse, Style

But if you wanted to mess with Siri and ask her to define the word ‘bitch,’ you would come across this: (Black slang) for a woman.

If you woke up this morning wondering why Cookie Monster was trending, it’s because the good folks at Apple have a sense of humor. Grab your iPhone and ask Siri, “What’s zero divided by zero?” We’ll wait….. You should have gotten a reply like, “Imagine you have zero cookies and divide them evenly among zero friends…” as the message goes […]

Let’s be real, there are some days when you talk to Siri more than you actually talk to your friends (iMessage excluded). If you’re like the rest of us, you probably though Siri was just some fancy Apple computer generated voice. Wrong! The voice of Siri is a suburban Atlanta native, Susan Bennett. After about two years […]

Eduard Khil, aka Mr. Trololo, has passed away! The viral king of unintentionally funny videos died at the age of 77 this past week.  VIDEO: Siri Gets Racist!  The Russian singer was infamous for performing songs on TV and replaced the lyrics with “Tro Lo Lo.” Well, after collecting dust for many years, the clip […]

Siri helps us out on a daily basis by giving directions, suggestions, changing our songs, and even giving some words of wisdom. DETAILS: iPhone’s Siri To 12 Y/O: “Shut The F*ck Up!” But as it turns out, Siri doesn’t always have the nicest things to say, and that could be because … she is racist! Funny […]


If you happened to catch our introduction post about Erin Christine  you’ll know that the captivating singer has tremendous talent, and that she lists one of her influences as Ariel from The Little Mermaid. If you check out that post you’ll also be able to check out photos and video footage. The Berklee College of Music […]

Newcomer Erin Christine is a force to be reckoned with. Cosigned by many heavyweights people describe her as ‘phenomenal’. She’s working on her EP and has been buiding quite the buzz.  She’ll be joining us in the offices today for a live chat and a performance of her single. Be sure to tune in at […]