You can usually see what Hov is thinking all over his face—see what we mean inside.

Kanye’s so happy to be at the Super Bowl, can’t you tell? It’s no secret that Kanye doesn’t like to smile, and we’ve always wondered why. Welp, Kanye’s finally explaining why he hates smiling and you’ll be surprised by his answer. While giving a speech at The Daily Front Row‘s inaugural Fashion Los Angeles Awards, Kanye explained his motive […]

Just when you thought North West  couldn’t get any cuter, you thought wrong. The adorable 1-year-old, who’s already graced the cover of Vogue, instantly causes millions of people to catch a case of #hearteyes whenever she makes an appearance on her mommy’s Instagram. This time, it’s no different. Smiling from ear to ear, Kim Kardashian shares a picture with her […]