Fresh off her Grammy win, Selena gave an interview with Tejano USA in 1994 that was unearthed and recently released by the Smithsonian. In the video, the late singer gushes about her recent success and acting experience. Grab your tissue, this might get you in your feelings.

William Pretzer, the museum's senior History Curator, asked the city to delay demolition of the structure in an email Monday.

They are planning to make changes in an effort to diversify their board and nominations in the future.

Bill Cosby is keeping himself mum in the midst of more rape allegations surfacing, and it’s certainly alarming many of his beloved fans. During a sit-down interview with NPR, along with his wife Camille, the two discussed their loan to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African Art with Scott Simon, where things seemed to be […]

One of hip-hop’s greats, J Dilla, will soon have his most prized musical instruments held on display at the Smithsonian. His mother has decided to donate his equipment in hopes that hip-hop culture will be more appreciated. The museum is having a “Musical Crossroads” exhibit and plans to display the late producer’s Minimoog Voyager synth and his […]