In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s Spring and Mother Nature has not come through with that good, good yet. Watch comedian Tyhem Commodore put into perfect words how New Yorkers feel about the fact that it’s still snowing in April. Something’s got to give.

Does comedian and Instagram guru @goffyssss capture your boss’ essence completely? Check out his hilarious clip below.   If you’re getting hit hard by the snow storm, stay safe out here!  

It’s time to throw away your moisturizers, creams, or any other home remedies you think keeps your skin healthy. One Ukrainian woman has all the answers when it comes to health and skin care, and they involve flirting with freezing temperatures. Meet Inna Vladimirskaya.   Along with being a model, sex educator, life coach and […]

Texas wasn't ready for snow; see how creative residents are getting inside.

If you’re on the east coast, you’re probably one of many people who is experiencing with the frigid weather. While many people may not like the extreme winds and intense snow, some people are making the best of it. Hit the flip for a few examples.

One Bernie Sanders supporter did his shade duty this week by leaving a female motorist stuck in the snow because she's a Donald Trump fan.


On Wednesday, a light dusting of snow caused tons of traffic in D.C., and even President Obama couldn’t escape the chaos.


This is sure to warm your heart. A Virginia teenager is getting a lot of attention after he took it upon himself to help someone in need, proving to the world not all teenagers are the worst. Some. Not all. Tommy Adams surprised his mother, Teresa, when he asked her to pull over on the side of […]