sorority sisters

Director Byron Hurt's 'Hazing' documentary reveals 83% of hazing deaths happen due to white greek letter organizations.

Today the ladies of the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority incorporated are donning their finest pink and green fashions and skeeweeing to the high heavens in celebration of their founder’s day. Founded on the campus of Howard University in 1908, the sorority now boasts hundreds of thousands of women who have gone on to enjoy many […]

This January a new movie that you have to see is coming to Netflix. From the producers of Dear White People and Straight Outta Compton, Step Sisters tells the story of a black student who secretly agrees to breathe new life into the image of a white sorority by teaching the girls how to step. […]

VH1’s new reality show Sorority Sisters had social media in a frenzy on Monday night. Judging by comments on Twitter and petitions created after the show aired, the sorority girls rubbed people the wrong way. So much so that Carmex, one of the sponsors of the reality show, pulled out almost immediately. As the petition gains […]