Street dance is determined by skills, showmanship and the hype of the crowd.


North Carolina Restaurant Serves A Tarantula Burger For $30 A restaurant in Durham, North Carolina is serving a burger with a big, hairy tarantula as a topping. “Bull City Burger and Brewery” is celebrating its 6th annual “exotic meat month” by serving burgers made from unusual meats eaten around the world. The tarantula burger features […]

A Delta Airlines flight departing from Baltimore and on its way to Atlanta landed early when a passenger noticed a baboon tarantula escaped its container. Fortunately, it was captured by Delta employees and all passengers were transferred onto another plane. [Complex] In case you forgot, it’s not necessary to give the police your phone password if […]

McDonald’s is at it again. Just a few weeks after a Canadian man found a dead mouse in his coffee, a customer in Russia found a dead spider in her Big N’ Tasty burger at the fast food joint. Juliana Ulyanova went to Mickey D’s in the city of Arkhangelsk in Northwestern Russia with her friend […]